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Today marked the final day of the regatta in the bay of Koper. Competitors raced the final rounds divided into two groups: gold and silver. This morning, they faced the southerly wind, blowing at 16 knots. Later, the wind strengthened to 20 knots, with gusts reaching up to 25 knots. Sailors had to demonstrate exceptional skills in managing their sailboats, along with endurance and strength. The young sailors encountered the most challenges in driving and crossing the wind in reverse with the spinnaker. Some faced equipment issues, while others battled against the wind. However, the majority completed all races and made the most of the windy day. The gold group completed 4 races, while the silver group completed 3.
This year’s 29er EuroCup 2024 Slovenia witnessed racing in all wind conditions, from light to strong, ultimately revealing the top young sailors. The leading position in the overall standings was claimed by the Italian team of Giuseppe Montesano / Enrico Coslovich, who also topped the U17 ranking. Following them were the Czech team of Lukas Kraus / Ondrej Bastar in second place, and the mixed Italian team of Giulia Bartolozzi / Pietro Rizzi in third place, also leading in the mixed teams.
Link to the results: https://www.racingrulesofsailing.org/documents/7964/event

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