Notice #4: Competitors list – Laser


Sailno Name
CRO 185824 Ivan Vlacic, Croatia, Male, 2002, JK Vega Pula
SLO 199824 Andrej Fras, Slovenia, Male, 2000, JK Izola
SLO 207345 Matej Valic, Slovenia, Male, 1991, JK JADRO Koper
SLO 207346 Janez Zabukovec, Slovenia, Male, 2002, JK JADRO Koper
MNE 208707 Gasper Strahovnik, Slovenia, Male, 2002, JK Burja Izola
SLO 209109 Nicolo Kravanja, Slovenia, Male, 2000, JK Burja Izola
SLO 209850 Maj Musa Olivieri, Slovenia, Male, 1999, JK OLIMPIC
SLO 210025 Erik Rodica, Slovenia, Male, 2002, JK Burja Izola
SLO 214148 Zan Luka Zelko, Slovenia, Female, 1994, Društvo Maraktiv Maribor

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