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Notice #3: Competitors list – Laser 4.7


Sailno Name
SLO 174363 Danei Marusic, Slovenia, Male, 2004, JK JADRO Koper
SLO 174364 NEJC GABRENJA, Slovenia, Male, 2004, JK Ljubljana
SLO 174366 Gaja Kolaric, Slovenia, Female, 2003, JK Ljubljana
SLO 193436 Jan Lucas Redek, Slovenia, Male, 2006, JK Burja Izola
SLO 194830 Daniel Cante, Slovenia, Male, 2004, JK Izola
SLO 199824 Martin Fras, Slovenia, Male, 2004, JK Izola
SLO 205124 Sven Panger, Slovenia, Male, 2005, JK JADRO Koper
CRO 207264 Jan Komadina, Croatia, Male, 2005, JK Vega Pula
CRO 207811 Lea Rakovac, Croatia, Female, 2006, JK Vega Pula
CRO 207812 Paola Celic, Croatia, Female, 2004, JK Vega Pula
SLO 208885 Alenka Valencic, Slovenia, Female, 2005, JK Burja Izola
SLO 209109 Benjamin Aganovic, Slovenia, Male, 2005, JK Burja Izola
SLO 209444 Jernej Flandija, Slovenia, Male, 2005, JK Olimpic
SLO 211059 Lana Vidmar, Slovenia, Female, 2004, JK JADRO Koper
SLO 211272 Katja Filipic, Slovenia, Female, 2005, JK JADRO Koper
CRO 211544 Tedi Leonardelli, Croatia, Male, 2006, JK Vega Pula
SLO 212245 Luka Zabukovec, Slovenia, Male, 2006, JK JADRO Koper
SLO 213361 JURE BARL, Slovenia, Male, 2003, JK Ljubljana
SLO 215847 Ivan Vakhrushev, Slovenia, Male, 2005, JK Pirat

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