Notice #1 for participants

Dear 2019 Europa Cup Slovenia participant, here are some instructions you should follow:

  1. All important information will be published on Laser Europa Cup Slovenia 2019 “online notice board” located on
  2. Unload all the equipment in the parking lot and loading area outside the Marina Koper (see Picture 1).
  3. Enter with lasers on trolleys and park them in the boat park area according to your class (see Picture 1).
  4. Cars are only allowed to enter to launch Coach Boats in the water (Picture 1 – Slip 1).
  5. All trailers must be parked in the trailer parking area inside the Port of Koper (ask our staff for instructions).
  6. The race office is located on the first floor of the JK Jadro Club Building (follow the signs) and will open for registration from Thursday, 14th of March at 16:00
  7. Toilets for the competitors and coaches are located behind the Radial boats area (see Picture 1 – WC)
  8. When launched, all coach boats must be moved to the coach boat moorings in the East side of the Marina Koper (see Picture 1).

Registering at the Race Office

To speed up the sign in procedure please prepare (before entering the Race office):

  1. Payment confirmation if you paid the fee beforehand coming to Regatta.
  2. Confirm or provide sail number which will be used
  3. Your EurILCA/National Laser Class ID.
  4. Your insurance policy data.
  5. If you are less than 18 years old, parental consent must also be handed in.

Picture 1: Organization of service areas

Organizing Committee

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